Clients call us when they need to more fully understand their opportunities. When information is difficult to get and insights are scarce. And, when they need a roadmap for growth that assesses both internal assets and new products or acquisitions. They also call us when there are too few hands on deck, and they need someone who can step into a senior marketing management role and deliver immediately.

We provide three major areas of service:

Growth Strategy
Interim Marketing Management
Hard-to-Find Research

Growth Strategy

You have a product, a technology, a service. Can you answer these key determinants of growth?

  • What is the true size of your market and who really will be interested in your products or services?
  • How does your market segment? How should you prioritize the markets you target? What are the value propositions that matter?
  • Is your product portfolio optimized for revenue and profitability? Which product features and selling processes do you need to be successful with customers? Which products should you keep, revise or discontinue?
  • What business model will be most successful? What organization, funding, timelines and business practices will be required to implement the strategy? Should competencies be acquired or developed in-house? Which companies should be acquired or partners approached?
  • How effective and efficient are your marketing and sales spending and organizations? What selling processes do you need to be successful with customers? Could you be more resourceful with your marketing dollars?
  • What revenue and P&L projections should you realistically expect over one and five year periods?

Illuminate Consulting is expert at new opportunity assessments, sizing and segmentation. We clarify your markets in a way that is understandable and actionable. We work with senior management to design short and medium term growth strategies, required organizations and realistic business plans.

Interim Marketing Management

Whether a client is a new venture or an existing company undergoing significant change, we can provide senior marketing leadership. Joanne Bethlahmy’s years of marketing, new product and senior corporate roles mean that she can act with lightning speed to create business plans, set up financial tracking and monitoring, hire employees, establish agency relationships, develop brand positionings and communications, or execute product launches.

  • Interim VP Marketing assignments
  • New product or division launches

Hard-to-Find Research

Are there things you need to know about your markets, customers or competitors that seem too vast, time-consuming, complicated or hidden? We know how to find difficult information using both primary and secondary sources.

We've researched everything from a Middle Eastern manufacturing plant's probable P&L to the margins that water softener dealers really make. Are you at a key decision point in your business? What do you need to know to clarify that decision? We conduct in-depth Internet and library research, conduct one-on-one interviews with experts and customers, and arrange focus groups and surveys.



“Illuminate Consulting's work helped us identify potential customers as well as an appropriate pricing structure. Their analysis was a key input in identifying how to best structure the business model.”

Jonathan Baer, Founder, eBoomerang, Inc.

“At Solo Energy, we needed to identify and size the addressable market for our distributed power projects. Illuminate Consulting did a terrific job in combining empirical research with in depth interviews of key market participants. Indeed, the results led us to redirect our product positioning because we learned that one of our fundamental assumptions about market preferences was wrong.”

Martin Lagod, Former President and CEO, Solo Energy Corporation

“What elicits my highest endorsement of Joanne and her company is the fact that Joanne agreed to form and lead the Marketing function inside Chef Solutions to insure that tactical budget plans, sales tools and operational linkages were in place and delivering real volume growth.”

Michael Broll, President and CEO, Chef Solutions

“Illuminate Consulting produced some of the best research ever done for this company. They were able to uncover precisely the information we were looking for and have already made our sales force more effective.”

Jessica Hoffman, VP Marketing, Jeeves Solutions

“Given Illuminate Consulting’s wide experience in the food industry, together with its excellent research capabilities, it was a natural progression for us to seek their help. They provided us with a large amount of incredibly detailed information, reports and observations about the sector in which the Middle Eastern business was involved. They were able to uncover precisely the information we needed.”

Barry Draper, CEO, Forensic Accounting Services



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